Why Mc. B Paving?

Don’t Overlook the Value of Good Pavement

You’re doing all the right things—attracting customers and residents with your marketing efforts, delivering on your promise of quality products and great customer service, and building solid relationships with vendors. But don’t overlook the value of your parking lot in building your bottom line.




parking lot, safety, spaces, mc b paving, sealcoating

First Impressions Matter

People judge books by their covers, and they’re also judging your property by the state of your pavement. Investing in a smooth, crack-free and clearly striped parking lot is just as important as the appearance you create inside your four walls.

Our Work

parking lot, safety, spaces, mc b paving, sealcoating

Safety Is Important

A parking lot, road, or pathway filled with cracks and potholes is a major liability, putting your organization at legal risk.

parking lot, safety, spaces, mc b paving, sealcoating

More Spaces Means More Money

Additional parking is important - but if your parking isn’t smart, you’re in for all kinds of unexpected headaches, like fender benders due to inadequate spacing between rows or door dings because parking spots are too tight. Make it easy and convenient for people to show up.

Choose an Asphalt Paving Expert to Extend the Life of Your Lot

Mc. B Paving uses cutting-edge technology known as automatic grade and slope control to improve quality, provide better accuracy, and deliver a consistent product. Our premium solutions, including the use of hot rubber to fill cracks and adding sand to sealer, gives you professional sealcoating that keeps your parking lot guests happy and your business thriving.

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