Residential Sealcoating

Crumbling blacktop, cracks in the driveway, and sealer that’s seen better days.

Has sealcoating been on your to-do list? Cross it off today by calling your local asphalt experts!


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Professional Sealcoating for
North Central Ohio Driveways

Whether you’ve just purchased a home, have an important event coming up, or want to take care of an eyesore you’ve been dealing with for awhile, you’ll find the reliable service and quality work you’re looking for with Mc.B Paving and Sealcoating. We take pride in making driveways in Ashland, Richland, and Wayne Counties smooth and beautiful.


What You Can Expect Out of a Mc.B Sealcoated Driveway

  • No cut corners We use the industry standard cut-rate and follow manufacturer recommendations, using only hot rubber to fill cracks, to extend the life of your parking lot and protect your investment.
  • Fair and honest assessment We won’t sealcoat a parking lot that ought to be repaired or repaved. If we think you’re wasting your money sealcoating, we will recommend a strategy to address your immediate needs and help you budget and plan for the best long-term care of your asphalt.
  • Professional crews Your business’s reputation matters, and we know it. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t invite to work on our own property. Our crews arrive on time and leave the jobsite better than they found it.


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